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Embedding English language support before the census date to ensure student success

Caroline Havery & Rosalie Goldsmith reveal what they have learned by leading a whole-of-institution approach to early low stakes assessment of academic language and literacy skills.

COVID-19, ‘Socially just pedagogy’, and the virtual conference

Shannon Johnston asks, are there any indirect positive outcomes of COVID-19 for higher education conferences such as a socially just conferences?

In the shadows of policy: Is student learning getting the spotlight it deserves?

Jason Lodge looks at the Australian Universities Accord Interim Report and finds a lot of talk of teaching but very little about student learning.

Designing Learning for Intensive Modes of Study

Peter Kandlbinder reviews the latest HERDSA Guide by Gayani Samarawickrema, Kaye Cleary, Sally Male & Trish McCluskey and finds a trove of helpful advice for managing curriculum change at the institution, degree and subject level.

Unlocking the Power of Teaching Philosophy: A Journey from Paramedic to HERDSA Fellow

Anthony Weber shares his voyage of discovery from the frontlines of paramedicine to becoming a HERDSA Fellow which he describes as a journey of self-discovery, growth and transformation centred around the concept of a teaching philosophy.

A New Perspective: Librarians' HERDSA 2023 Experience

Nicole Johnston & Danielle Degiorgio are two librarians at Edith Cowan University and offer a librarian's impression of the 2023 HERDSA Conference.

Chance or destiny... you decide!

HERDSA President Kogi Naidoo blogs her highlights from the 2023 HERDSA Conference.

From the President

2023 hails new beginnings. It’s been a long road for many having survived covid, organisational restructures, business closures, downsizing, moving home and re-locating, and even unemployment.

Why Exams still have a place

Professor Merlin Crossley, Deputy ViceChancellor Academic Quality at the University of New South Wales, and regular commentator for Times Higher Education, Campus Morning Mail, and The Conversation, puts his mind to the future of exams.