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A branch is the local network of HERDSA, made up of the financial members of HERDSA within a region. Branches promote the aims of HERDSA and provide:

  • Professional development activities for members
  • Opportunities for members to network and share interests
  • A forum for the dissemination of information about HERDSA and current initiatives.

Branches also promote HERDSA and its activities to the broader academic community. Each branch is run by a Branch Committee comprising a Branch Chair(s) and at least two other members of the branch. All members of the Branch Committee are elected by the Branch membership (or with no election if nominations do not exceed positions).

Please use the BRANCH EVENT form for any branch activities.

The current HERDSA branches are: 

Branches and Regional networks are strongly encouraged within the HERDSA community. These may be organised by the Executive or other local members. Limited funds are available for local networking activities such as colloquia, fora, post-conference presentations, network meetings, or speakers. To apply for funding contact the HERDSA President or your local network contact.

A copy of the HERDSA Branch Handbook (PDF) is available download.