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In line with HERDSA national and international, the WA Branch promotes HERDSA WA as a scholarly society for people committed to the advancement of higher and tertiary education. HERDSA WA runs a series of seminars (approximately five per year) under the title ‘Scholarship Profiled’, with the aim of providing local researchers the opportunity to share scholarly information. As a follow-up from the annual HERDSA conference, the WA Branch hosts a half-day seminar named ‘HERDSA Rekindled’ providing a series of short presentations by the WA conference presenters. This has been hugely successful in the past two years.


Shannon Johnston -  shannon.johnston@murdoch.edu.au


Jun Chih – h.chih@curtin.edu.au
Martina Costello  – m.costello@ecu.edu.au
Sonia Ferns – s.ferns@curtin.edu.au
Anna Golab – a.golab@ecu.edu.au
Beverly Ewens – b.ewens@ecu.edu.au
Uma Jogulu  – u.jogulu@ecu.edu.au
Niva Kaspi – niva.kaspi@ecc.edu.au
Claire Lambert – c.lambert@ecu.edu.au
Sharon Maresse – sharon.maresse@curtin.edu.au
Alyce McGillivray - alyce-maree.walpole@uwa.edu.au  OR alyce-maree.mcgillivray@uwa.edu.au
Maxine Mitchell – maxine.mitchell@murdoch.edu.au
Julie Nyanjom – j.nyanjom@ecu.edu.au
Ashleigh Prosser  – Ashleigh.prosser@murdoch.edu.au
Lucia Ravi - lucia.ravi@uwa.edu.au
Katrina Strampel – k.strampel@ecu.edu.au
Melissa Davis melissa.davis@ecu.edu.au

Western Australia Branch Update 2023

The WA HERDSA Branch had an exciting year with well attended events, including Awards and SoTL workshops; a HERDSA/Education Conferences; and an end-of-year sundowner. Staff from five universities in Perth were thrilled to be able to meet face-to-face for most events. Our Branch committee grew extensively and has engaged wholeheartedly in planning for events and communications with WA staff in 2023. I’m pleased to announce that following the 2022 AGM, we have a new HERDSA WA Branch Chair.