Positively speaking – actively listening: Interdisciplinary reflections on lecturing as valuable in higher education

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Research and Development in Higher Education Vol. 29: Critical Visions Thinking, learning and researching in higher education

July, 2006, 392 pages
Published by
Alison Bunker and Iris Vardi
0 908557 69 8

This paper re-evaluates the lecture as an educational technique, by exploring theories and ideas from a range of disciplines. Communication in the lecture theatre is described as a two-way process, which relies upon both verbal and nonverbal communication channels. Fundamental to this understanding is the idea that both lecturers and student audience members have an active role to play. In addition, it is suggested that the personal style and performance of the lecturer is an important factor in producing a successful educational outcome.

Keywords: lectures as dialogues, active listening, performance style.