Higher Education Research & Development, Vol. 42 No. 8

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Fostering a culture of qualitative research and scholarly publication in a leading university in the West Bank: a Palestinian-UK capacity-building collaboration
Saida Affouneh, Katherine Wimpenny, Dimitar Angelov, Soheil Salha, Zuheir N. Khlaif & Dana Yaseen, Pages: 1825-1839

What makes a collegial higher education student? How personality and goal orientations contribute to prosocial behavior
Hermann Astleitner & Jörg Zumbach, Pages: 1840-1854

Is it the same, socially? Fully online learning and its impacts on social identification, academic performance and confidence
Riley Attard, Lillian Smyth, Lara Ollis, Krisztina Valter & Alexandra L. Webb, Pages: 1855-1873

Challenges of delivering Australian research honours programmes for healthcare professions
Alex Barwick & Louise Horstmanshof, Pages: 1874-1889

Teacher feedback literacy, feedback regimes and iterative change: towards enhanced value in feedback processes
David Carless, Pages: 1890-1904

Doctoral students’ perceptions of assessment ethics: a phenomenological approach in the context of Iran
Ali Darabi Bazvand, Afsheen Rezai & Mola Miri, Pages: 1905-1919

Troubling knowledge in Australian Indigenous Studies: how prior knowledge affects undergraduate student learning
Justine Grogan, Peter Innes, Jennifer Carter & Maria Raciti, Pages: 1920-1935

The self-efficacy and academic performance reciprocal relationship: the influence of task difficulty and baseline achievement on learner trajectory
Toni Honicke, Jaclyn Broadbent & Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, Pages: 1936-1953

Gender inequality and bias in Chinese universities: perceptions of male and female academics
Hugo Horta & Li Tang, Pages: 1954-1969

Investigating how students’ learning environment, social and physical well-being influence their resilience and feelings of depression and loneliness during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Netherlands
Lisa Kiltz, M. Fokkens-Bruinsma & E.P.W.A. Jansen, Pages: 1970-1985

Successful university students from low socio-economic backgrounds’ perspectives on their academic success: a capital-based approach
Luke Macaulay, Wendy Webber & Bardo Fraunholz, Pages: 1986-1999

‘No university without community’: engaging the community in social work simulations
Katarzyna Olcoń, Rugare Mugumbate, Mim Fox, Lynne Keevers, Nandini Ray, Jo Spangaro & Lesley Cooper, Pages: 2000-2014

Using social connection to drive engagement in emergency remote teaching and learning
Corina Raduescu, Angela Hecimovic & Janine Coupe, Pages: 2015-2029

Indonesian researchers’ scholarly publishing: an activity theory perspective
Sukirman & Muhammad Kamarul Kabilan, Pages: 2030-2047

Dropouts and transfers: socioeconomic segregation in entrance to and exit from the Chilean higher education
Juan Pablo Valenzuela & Danilo Kuzmanic, Pages: 2048-2065

Securing work placements: strategies among international engineering students
Thai Vu, Subramaniam Ananthram & Sonia Ferns, Pages: 2066-2083

Exploring academics’ beliefs about interdisciplinary research collaboration and their influences on collaborative practices: a mixed-method study in China
Jia Zhang, Sipei Xu & Qinan Huang, Pages: 2084-2099

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