Peter Kandlbinder

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As a longstanding member of HERDSA since 1996, Peter has served as an elected member of the Executive for 3 terms and has actively contributed to the Society over the 25 years as a member, undertaking several challenging roles including as Chair of the Publications portfolio, founding executive editor of HERDSA Review of Higher Education, producing 6 highly regarded volumes, and editor of HERDSA Connect. Since 2014 Peter moderated and distributed the HERDSA Notices weekly email that keeps us in contact with what is happening across the world - and with each other.

He has contributed significantly to higher education and teaching and learning through his work as a scholar and practitioner in academic development for 30 years. The focus of his education role has been supporting academics in developing their capabilities in course design, digital media, assessing student learning, problem-based learning, postgraduate supervision and other forms of small group learning.

Peter is the person behind so much of how HERDSA connects – and has done this quietly and tirelessly. Few members of HERDSA have made a sustained active contribution to HERDSA over such a long period and have shaped HERDSA and teaching and learning in higher education.  Peter is a very worthy recipient of HERDSA Life Membership.