Allan Goody

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Allan is recognised for his long-standing commitment and service to HERDSA, to the profession and practice of academic development nationally and internationally. Allan is a knowledgeable and generous colleague who has inspired a generation of early career academics to become committed university teachers in his role as an academic developer and his commitment to higher education demonstrated by joining the HERDSA Executive and serving continuously from 2002 – 2020 in a number of roles including as an elected executive member; HERDSA Guides Editor; Conference Convener and President. As HERDSA President he has contributed a deep understanding of what members value in a scholarly society.

As a council member of the International Consortium for Educational Development (ICED) for eight years, and ICED President since 2017, Allan has represented and lobbied for HERDSA internationally and been instrumental in building a network of colleagues across our membership regions and other parts of the world, bringing more international members into HERDSA.

The substance and significance of Allan’s contribution to HERDSA and his impact on higher education over a 20-year career in academic development can be seen through his deep personal and professional commitment to social justice equity and diversity within higher education – values that are shared and integral with HERDSA.

Allan has made a significant contribution to HERDSA and higher education and is highly deserving of HERDSA Life Membership.

In the past 3 years Allan has served as the Conference Convener for the Brisbane 2020/20 conference managing the challenges of a pandemic leading to the postponement and then cancellation of the HERDSA Conference. Throughout this time, he has worked with the conference organisers, committees and members, juggling many balls with charm and dedication. We are indebted to him for his work and generosity throughout this difficult time in particular, as well as over the tenure of his leadership.