Special Interest Groups

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A HERDSA Special Interest Group (SIG) provides HERDSA members with a network of like-minded colleagues with whom you can talk about shared research interests as well as potentially undertake some collaborative research.

At the 2014 HERDSA conference in Hong Kong, potential SIGs were identified and interested members are now talking by email on the way forward for these groups.

If you interested in joining a SIG or starting up a new one, you can register your interest by emailing your name, institution and research interest/SIG to Jennie Billot <jbillot@aut.ac.nz> or Sue Bolt <Susan.Bolt@cbs.curtin.edu.au>

NEW Special Interest Group formed

We invite you to join the inaugural HERDSA STEM Education Special Interest Group.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics education

The STEM Education SIG will investigate means of integrating STEM in the tertiary setting as well as reaching out to schools and pre- and in-service teachers. The STEM SIG will use the data and findings to inform public and government action.

The 2016 HERDSA conference in Fremantle will foreground STEM Education related presentations and posters. SIG members will come together for some robust discussion to share perspectives and passions. International keynote Professor Alistair Summerlee (President and Vice Chancellor, University of Guelph) will be guest of honour at a STEM Education SIG dinner.

Australia’s Chief Scientist Professor Ian Chubb launching the 2013 position paper STEM in the national interest: A strategic approach pointed out that it is imperative for Australian education that we attend to our STEM enterprise - education, research and innovation. As teachers in higher education, we need to focus the spotlight on STEM, illuminate it and prepare STEM students for future challenges.

Join the STEM SIG. Email: susan.blackley@curtin.edu.au or visit the HERDSA SIG Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HerdsaSIGs/