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The Guides are peer reviewed, and have been written by some of Australasia's leading academic teachers and researchers. The information is synthesised, easy to read and provides current perspectives on issues relevant to teaching and learning in higher education.

HERDSA Annual Conference Proceedings

An edited collection of papers including keynote presentations is published at all annual Herdsa conferences under the title Research & Development in Higher Education Series. 

HERDSA Journals

HERDSA publishes a refereed journal Higher Education Research and Development (HERD) and an online journal HERDSA Review of Higher Education.


HERDSA Publications for New Scholars

Scholars new to higher education research may like to consider the following publications:


  • Higher Education Research and Development Anthology
  • HERDSA Review of Higher Education












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HERDSA Members receive a 10% discount on most HERDSA publications


In addition, HERDSA has a series of early editions of HERDSA Guides available at a reduced cost.