• The HERDSA Fellowship Scheme offers you with an opportunity to be part of a vibrant community of practitioners and researchers interested in improving teaching and learning in tertiary education.

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    As we move into the new year, its timely to reflect on a year that included a very successful conference in Melbourne where we introduced our Professional Buddies program for those new to HERDSA, a renewed interest in the HERDSA Fellowships, a great deal of Branch activity, the continued success of all our publications including a new look HERDSA News, and the launch of the Roger Landbeck Professional Development Fund that honours Roger’s long contribution to HERDSA and his support of early career academics.

         In the new year we will continue to face the challenges of uncertainty and constant change. I know many members who find themselves having to consider new career moves as universities undergo change and governments contemplate the future direction for higher education. The 2016 conference in Fremantle is an opportunity to reflect on the current situation and how we can participate in shaping higher education into the future.

         On behalf of the HERDSA Executive, I wish you all the best of success and fulfilment in the work that you do in the coming year to enhance the student experience as well as supporting each other as we move forward.

    Allan Goody, HERDSA President

  • HERDSA News April 2016




    Educating for uncertainty

    Gardner Campbell offers his ‘gentle’ manifesto


    The very long tail that doesn’t wag the dog

    Owen Hicks challenges the global representation of rankings systems


    Plus Community, Perspectives, Reviews & Showcases


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Funds are available for local networking activities. To apply for funding such as colloquia, fora, post-conference presentations, network meetings, or speakers contact the HERDSA President or your local network contact.

Special Interest Groups

HERDSA encourages the development of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) by facilitating opportunities to meet like-minded colleagues at each HERDSA conference. HERDSA members can join the inaugural STEM Education SIG or initiate a new one. There is a Facebook page for communication between interested researchers.

HERDSA Fellowship Community

HERDSA Fellows and Associate Fellows become part of a vibrant network of scholars who are able to engage in professional development and serve HERDSA and the broader tertiary education community.

For further information, contact the HERDSA Office on +61 2 97713911 or email:office@herdsa.org.au.



Current Issue:  Higher Education Research & Development, Volume 35, Issue 3, June 2016


A new guide was launched at the 2015 Annual HERDSA Conference


HERDSA Review of Higher Education

Volume 2 launched at the 2015 Annual HERDSA Confernce. Download free online.


Volume 38 No. 1 now available. Download free online

HERDSA Conference Proceedings

Research and Development in Higher Education: Learning for Life and Work in a Complex World Vol. 38 is now available. Download free online

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